Sunday, 13 November 2016

Dancing in Delight

The third Sunday of every month Nairobi Chapel hosts their "BnZ" meeting. BnZ (Buttons and Zippers) is a place for ladies, young and old to share together in a lovely meal, learning from God's Word, a time of fellowship and education around selected topic.

November 13, marked the last meeting of the year, and as such, there was a focus around thankfulness. Each one wrote and shared what the Lord had done this year. What encouragement there was in hearing testimony after testimony of the Lord's faithfulness.

People have received jobs, scholarships, healing, awards, grace, mercy, peace... just to name a few. As the end of the year draws near, it's vital that we reflect on the goodness of God. Throughout the Psalms (77:11, 89:1, 105:5, etc.) we are told to remember the works of the Lord, to declare them through all generations.

What is it that the Lord has done for you this year? What of His faithfulness do you need to remember and pass on to others? In the sharing of testimonies there is great power, it is the building up of one another's faith, and your own as you recall the goodness of your God.

After our time of sharing, we danced! and Oh' how we danced. I have no questions that the Heavens also rejoiced as we each expressed from our hearts the joy of knowing the Lord. Each one in their own way, joyfully expressing thanks to a God who is forever good, forever faithful, forever loving and forever with us!!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

When the lights go out.

This is a post I wrote a few weeks ago but hadn't had the chance to post, here it is. :)

So, I’ve noticed that Nairobi has an interesting phenomenon. People go about their daily lives and in the middle of whatever you’re doing, it could be at work, at home or even at a movie theatre, at whatever time you are doing it, the power could go off.

Just like that, POOF, gone. No more electricity, not more featured film, not to mention, no more WIFI. However, this in and of itself is not that strange, I mean, after all people all around the world have limitations to electric power. The astonishing thing is, is that no one seems to notice. All the sudden, you go from enjoying dinner with friends at dusk to sitting in the dark. No one flinches, and quite often no one even mentions that something happened.

Being from the West, I have the luxury of plugging into a power source nearly anytime anywhere, with no question whether it will leave me mid-conversation without the signal to send a reply, and without the thought that my movie could end abruptly at even the climax or that I could be half-way to winning a debate only possible by the answers through a Google search.

This was wondersome to me, life goes on, no one pays notice that the source of productivity is gone (e.g. need power to send emails, text, ect.).

How often though, is our spiritual life just like this. We get “plugged in” to Jesus and life is great, we have conversations with God, we enjoy searching the scriptures and learning more; then all the sudden, GONE, no more; I’ve been disconnected from the power source, and what happens?

…Nothing, life goes on as normal, I don’t immediately realize that there is something between me and a productive, fulfilling life. I keep going through the same old motions expecting that something may happen but the scriptures I turn to seem lifeless; just words on a page. The prayers I say seem to hit a glass ceiling and fall right back down to my lap.

So what was it that switched off the power? Well, unrepented sin is much like this, it’s a divisive thing that keeps us from our Almighty power source. Are right with God, or have we just assumed that all is okay? Do you even know if your power has gone out?

Beliefs that we are able to do life on our own also separates us from the Divine nature that we as Christians have been called into (Eph. 1). We must abide in Christ if we are to stay connected to the power source, just like a branch must be connected to the vine if it is to bear fruit so we must be connected to the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit if we are to live fruitful lives.

I’ve been impressed lately with the concept of dying in the flesh (see Gal. 2:20). This is the picture of unplugging your own selfish desires and wants and re-wiring our lives to hook into an everlasting power source. It’s not an easy thing, but the good news is that Christ is an electrician (… well, not really -I don’t think they had electric power in His days, but the figure of speech works for this case). He can help uncross the wires and keep us immersed in His holy, perfect and unending power. Come to Him with an open, repentant heart and ask Him to bring the re-ordering that is needed to get your lights back on. 

Glory to God because He is willing and Able!!