Wednesday, 18 July 2018

It's Super-Natural!

Well folks, hello again. I know, I know, it's been a year since I last wrote; but hey, if you're gonna start writing again you gotta do it some time. :) Now is as good as any.

Funny how life changes. Since my last post, I've gotten married, bought a house, gone to Bible school (not what you think), and gotten a dog... Oh! and I've come back to the US of A. :) If that were not enough, I also was led to start a new ministry at my church for young adults (and convinced
by a friend to start writing this blog again). So here it goes...

By my title, you may have guessed that some crazy awesome things have happened, and you'd be right! Last night the young adult group went to worship at the beach. I figured there is no greater place while living in FL to see the greatness of God and engage in inspired worship. I was right... But not for the reasons I thought. I was expecting a calm and sweet trip to the coast, to see the ocean and the sky and reflect on its bigness and how great God was. Instead, He struck us all with the awe of His power and glory!

Reckless Trust Being Tested 
You see, in FL we have these things called, thunderstorms. Every day around 5pm the skies open up and a torrent washes away the heat of the day (at least during summer). One would think a "wise leader" such as myself (that statement is in question) would have expected that our evening event in the open air would be subject to these storms and would have planned to visit the coast during a less stormy time of year. But no, not me. I thought nothing of it while planning, and to my surprise it all turned out for the better.

You see, as we were driving all together in a 15 passenger van, the skies opened up, pour water from the heavens that nearly eclipsed our sight of the road ahead. We made the choice to keep driving, as I had planned for a friend from Vero to meet us 2 hours north of him at Cocoa Beach. Lightning was striking all around and all hope of clear skies was eliminated. We began to pray. We spoke of the greatness of our God and His power over the storm. We prayed for the waters to part and for us to worship on dry ground. We prayed that the rain would surround us but not touch us and the storm would make way for His worshipers. Things were bleak, the thought of turning around crossed my mind more than once. I was responsible for those who followed me out there and I didn't want to put them in danger. Driving on these roads seemed as if I'd already done that. But we had started out to see God's glory at the ocean and I felt that He would make a way for His worshipers. If nothing else, we would have a bonding time of finding shelter. Again, I will say, it looked as though there was no hope. Some of our party who were in different vehicles turned back but I was determined that we would at least give God the chance to work a miracle. And work one He did!

Unexpected Glory
We arrived at the coast and to our awe and amazement, there was no rain above. Praising Him because of His miraculous answer to prayer we walked down to the seaside and again we saw the glory of God. Lightning was striking over the water, rain came down to our left and darkness was on our right. We stood with mouths agape as again and again in the skies God performed a heavenly light show for us.

We worshiped there and sang praises to our God, we meditated on the things He has done for us and marveled at His glory. That was not all the Lord did for us, as if He were drawing the curtain and lighting a performance stage, the sky lit up shades of orange and pink and red as the sun neared its resting place. Again, awe gripped our hearts. A natural phenomenon that for us was supernatural.

One Thing
The thing that we saw was an answer to prayer; we witnessed God in His divinity and power show off a little. We went to the coast to see His creative glory and were blown away by His majesty. The I ponder is "what would have happened if we had not endured the storm?" In short, we would have thought our night was ruined. We would have NOT seen God answer our prayer. We would have Not witnessed His expounded glory. We would have walked away disappointed.

God taught me last night not to give up when the storm closes in, when things look impossible and hope disappears behind the clouds... maybe that's when breakthrough is about to come. Perhaps God is waiting for your perseverance, perhaps His delay is for a greater display of His glory. Perhaps your breakthrough is around the corner.

Nothing Impossible
As we drove, I wanted all of our young people to pray with me in faith that God would come through for us. I turned to the back and asked "Would you pray with me for the impossible?" The reply I got was, "Nothing is impossible for God." This is SO TRUE! Nothing is impossible for our God!! We saw the impossible happen, but we would not have witnessed our answer to prayer if we had turned back. 

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