Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Picture Perfect Postcard

The name of my blog is, "My Life is a Postcard;" the reason for this is because of what one sees in a postcard. Postcards are typically found at a gift shop of some popular tourist destination, or at the airport of a city that frequently travelled. The pictures on a postcard often time represents the the best images of that destination, showcasing it ultimate glory all the wonders of the world. They are the 'picture perfect' image of destinations travelled. I would say it's a frequent occurrence that people visit a location, pick up a postcard and use it to show off to friends and family where they have ventured.

I say that my life is represented by a postcard because throughout my short time here on earth, I have been blessed with so many opportunities to see the wonder and awesomeness that the world has to offer. Sometimes during my travels (or even when I'm local) I look around at my surrounding and marvel that not even a postcard could capture the beauty I see.

Yesterday is a perfect example of this. We went to Hell's Gate National Park, and as we drove from Nairobi we saw the beauty of the Rift Valley and stopped to take pictures. The marvel of it's immenseness leaves one awestruck with wonder. In the park, we see massive rock structures, which speak of days since creation, looming over the vast terrain that sustains zebras and antelope and buffalo.

There are hot water spurts bubbling up steam that rises to the skies and fills the heavens. This natural wonder that is now harvested to bring energy to so many around the country. As I look upon it, I am filled with questions for my Creator. "How did you make these,? "Why?" "Did you know how we would use it?" Later we arrive at a 'spa,' a large pool for recreation, created from the hot water springs. The smell of sulphur is the first thing you notice but then close after, the immense beauty of the surrounding area. Being a Florida girl, I never really swam much in hilly terrain, but this was a different story. From the ends of the steaming blue pool begins a breathtaking sight: the hill slowly creeps upward as it carries trees of all sorts f trees that paint a scene much to perfect for me to describe with words. Amidst the trees there is the elegance of a giraffe that catches every eye. It's purely majestic.

On the road trip home, the sun sets behind a landscape of Acacia trees (also known in my book as "Lion King Trees") and cacti, which are large enough to cut for lumbar, an orange and red glow that even the best of cameras could not capture. My heart reflects on the day and beauty of it all. I truly could stare at the marvellous creation all day and never tire. I am reminded how in Ecclesiastes scripture says that the eye never has seen enough and I know fully that this is the case for me. I look around me and I see all of creation worshipping it's Maker. Truly, truly the rocks do cry out and declare the glre sings as it worships the One who made it.

I am truly blessed beyond measure, that God would allow me to behold His creation, that I can look upon, with great excitement a giraffe crossing the street and a family of zebras taking a break at the waattering hole. I am blessed beyond measure to see the work of His hands so perfectly displayed as if He had made it purely for my enjoyment. Wherever I am, I see the beauty of His work, it's as if my life is a Postcard.

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